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The Redbird SD

"The simulator is just like real life ... it never gets old!"

-- flight instructor Andy K.

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Eagle Flight Simulation is built around the Redbird SD AATD, Cessna 182 with interchangeable vacuum gauge and G1000 panels. With its wrap-around visual system, the government-approved Redbird SD will totally immerse you in your flight training. It’s versatile enough for single or multi-engine training and can represent glass panel or the traditional 6-pack avionics configurations.


Other features include:

  • Fully-enclosed cockpit

  • Realistic cockpit control panels

  • 200-degree wrap-around visuals

  • World-wide databases updated quarterly

  • Ergonomically correct design

  • Start on the ground at any airport or in the air

  • Fly day or night in VFR or IFR conditions

  • Practice aircraft failures and emergency procedures

  • Shoot instrument approaches to minimums at any airport in the world

  • Practice cross-country flights to unfamiliar airports

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