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About Eagle Flight Simulation

Eagle Flight Simulation is located in the state-of-the-art Cleveland Jet Center, Cuyahoga County Airport (KCGF). The completely renovated FBO facility inside and out is part of the 34,000 square foot office building, which is accompanied by a new 26,500 square foot heated hangar capable of housing large cabin aircraft. 

 Customize Your Training

  • Start your flight on the ground at any airport or in the air

  • Fly day or night in VFR or IFR conditions

  • Practice aircraft failures and emergency procedures

  • Shoot instrument approaches to minimums at any airport in the world

  • Practice cross-country flights to unfamiliar airports

FAA Approved

Eagle Flight Simulation Redbird SD is classified by the FAA, under CFR 14, Parts 61 and 141 as an Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD), under that classification the Eagle Flight Simulator (Redbird SD) can be used for:

  • Instrument Experience (Currency) – [61.57 (c) (3)]

  • Simulated Instrument Conditions – Logging training time [61.51 (b) (3) (iii) & (4)]

  • Instrument Rating – Not more than 10 hours of instrument time [61.65 (i) (3)]

Click here to view the official FAA approval


CFI Bill Meyer, along with CFIs Debbie Downey and Andy Kimos, has years of experience helping pilots achieve their goals.

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