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Built for repetition: EFS and CHS have the same goal

From the "About Us" page of CHS Flight School, which has similar goals for helping pilots as we do here at Eagle Flight Simulation:

"In 2012, Michael McCurdy started a brand new flight school using a full-motion Redbird flight simulator. His theory was that too many flight simulators were used like airplanes when in fact, they had a much different role. The line of reasoning was:

  • Repetition is an incredibly valuable learning tool

  • The airplane is a poor source of repetition

  • The simulator, on the other hand, is built for repetition.

Thus began what has ultimately become CHS Flight School. Our clients quickly learned that just a short time in the simulator made them much more proficient in the airplane, in much less time and at considerably less cost.

You learn it in the sim, you fly it in the airplane – it’s that simple. This reduces the (expensive) time in the airplane. No one can tell you how long it will take you to learn to fly, since everyone learns at a different rate, but we are confident that it will take you less time here, because the simulator will get you prepared much more quickly."

Learn more here: CHS Flight School

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